Firefighter selection process

We’ll keep you updated throughout your application. But it’s good to know what stage of the selection process you’re at. Here you’ll find the overarching stages of firefighter applications.

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When recruitment is open, 8 March 2018, you can apply by clicking ‘Apply now’ on this site. You’ll be taken to the firefighter application page. You’ll be asked to provide basic personal information before progressing to the online sift.

Phase 1 Sift

When the recruitment round closes 19 April 2018, everyone who has applied will be emailed a link to the first online test. The online job preview questionnaire, behavioural assessment and situational judgement test is the first test.

Successful applicants progress to phase 2 sift.

Phase 2 Sift

If you have been successful in test 1 you’ll be sent a link to Phase 2 Sift test: Online verbal, numerical and mechanical reasoning tests.

Successful candidates progress to the Assessment Centre.

Assessment Centre

The assessment centre consists of:

  • Interview
  • Group exercise
  • Role play
  • Information Analysis Exercise which is a written exercise linked to the role play.
  • Verification test where you will be expected to re-sit online tests in exam conditions.

Successful candidates progress to the physical fitness tests

Work-related physical fitness tests

Candidates will be required to pass six physical job-related tests which include:

  • Ladder climb
  • Ladder lift
  • Casualty evacuation
  • Enclosed space
  • Equipment assembly
  • Equipment carry

Successful candidates will progress to the pre-course learning.

Medical Examination and Eye test

Candidates will be asked to attend a medical where you will be examined by our medical team. Candidates will be asked to complete a questionnaire covering your medical history and will then be subject to a series of tests. Candidates medical records may also need to be obtained from your GP.

What are the eyesight requirements?

The current eyesight requirements on joining the London Fire Brigade are as follows:

  • Use of corrective appliances should be acceptable at the recruit stage.
  • Corrected visual acuity should be 6/9 binocularly, and a minimum of 6/12 inthe worse eye.
  • The minimum uncorrected vision for recruits should be 6/18 in the better eye and 6/24 in the worse eye.
  • An upper hypermetropic limitof +3.00.
  • Testing for myopic corrections is not required.
  • VA testing protocols must be better defined (e.g. for Snellen/Longmar, distances, ambient lighting and use).
  • ‘Acceptable’ colour vision.
  • A normal binocular visual field.
  • Only certain types of refractive surgery are permitted subject to specialist assessment. Guidelines state you need to wait 1 year after surgery before you will be considered.


What if I am colour blind?

You will still be able to apply. If you get to the medical stage of the recruitment process, the severity of your colour deficiency will be assessed and a risk assessment will be made.

Candidates who pass the medical requirements will progress to the pre-course learning.

Pre-course learning

You will initially do six weeks pre-course learning, all materials will be supplied to support this. The pre-course learning is done in your own time and is evaluated just before you start the full-time paid training.

Successful applicants will progress to the full training.

Full training

Following the completion and success of the 6 weeks pre-course learning you will move onto the 11 week full course training before you become a Firefighter. We currently pay trainee firefighters a salary of £26,211 pa including London Weighting.

How do I apply?

When Firefighter recruitment is open, 8 March 2018, you can apply online through the LFB jobs page.

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